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Procurement Transformation

We start by conducting a Procurement Audit of your organisation. This will provide you with an overview of your current procurement methodology, organisation, spend, processes and capability.

The audit covers five key elements which make up Strategic Procurement.

  • People & Organisation
  • Performance Measurement
  • Contract & Supplier Relationship Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Information Systems

The Procurement Audit will provide recommendations on how to improve all of the above elements, including a spend analysis and macro view of savings opportunities identified.

Depending on your requirements, we can present these recommendations to you and advise how they will transform procurement within your organisation or we can provide resources to work with your teams to deliver the recommendations, or indeed, provide interim resources to provide a total end-to end ‘hands-on’ approach to deliver the transformation.

Strategic Procurement Model


Collaborative Procurement

Procurement is often conducted in isolation without consultation with key stakeholders in the goods or services being bought. This approach can lead to resentment internally and rejection of the agreed deal. In order to achieve buy-in and the on-going value of the agreement, it is essential that the procurement team works closely with key stakeholders in the organisation in developing the procurement strategy.

Whether your company is in the private or public sector, is national or multinational, Supply Side Focus can assist you to build a procurement function which has the right skill set to conduct strategic procurement projects collaboratively with key stakeholders throughout your organisation:

  • Across departments/functions
  • Across business units
  • Across national, multinational and global boundaries.

Sourcing Strategy Development and Implementation

All too often, procurement is conducted on a tactical basis.

Supply Side Focus, through output from the Procurement Audit and working with key stakeholders, will assist you elevate procurement to a strategic level.

We will assist your team generate appropriate Strategic Sourcing Plans for the goods and services they procure. The plans will be aligned to your business needs and will deliver benefits far beyond simply cost reduction.

Again, depending on your requirements, we can assist your procurement team to develop a Strategic Sourcing Plan or provide an interim resource to develop and implement it from beginning to end.

Strategic Sourcing Plan

  • Team formation and opportunity definition
  • Information collection and analysis
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • On-going Supplier Relationship Management

Contract Management (CM) and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Contract and Supplier Relationship Management are often the most neglected parts of the procurement process, yet they are the parts which can reap the greatest rewards.

Strategic procurement does not stop with signing of the contract. Much of the value of a contract can be lost if the contract is not managed properly. In addition, exposure to risk is increased.

Good Contract Management in itself, however, is not sufficient to reap the huge added-value potential which a healthy supplier relationship can generate.

It is therefore, essential to establish proper Contract and Suppler Relationship Management processes in place, including appropriately skilled resources to conduct them.

Supply Side Focus will assist your organisation in identifying your key suppliers and building the appropriate structures of governance to manage them strategically.


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